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City Information

Summer City Break in Paris
Summer City Break in Paris Paris - the city of light and of art - is a truly inspiring place to be on a hot summers day. Just as the French capital has been the fiery crucible of creativity for many an artist and writer down the many years, so Pa...Full Article
Visit Italy for the 20th Olympic Winter Games
10th February 2006 marks the initial of the 20th Olympic Winter Games. The city charged with hosting the games this time around is Turin Torino in Northwest Italy. Within user friendly reach of Milan, Genoa and San Remo, Turin is just minutes aw...Full Article
The ancient city of Segovia
Segovia, located near Madrid, is an antique city, very rich in past and traditions and full of interesting historic spots and amazing constructions. Segovia is one of the most interesting spots of the region to those who enjoy learning about...Full Article

Fun, dazzling drink, dazzling food, interesting places, pretty ladies - on a
A nice place to go Plovdiv! Once youre here, just follow thecrowds and youll find yourself in the midst of dazzling convivialBulgarian hospitality ... excellent food and drinks, lively music,beautiful girls and ... well, you get the idea. It is ju...Full Article
Become a Tourist in Your Own City
Have you ever been a tourist in the city that you call home? If you are wondering what to do this weekend, why not become a tourist in your own city? It is amazing what you will learn about its history and what it has to offer. So many of us go about...Full Article
Qu补c City, A Taste of Old Europe in North America
One might get a taste of old Europe right in North America when visiting Qu34917;c City in Canada. Qu34917;c City is the capital of the province of Qu34917;c. It might be easily reached by a short flight from points in the northeastern Unit...Full Article

Traveling in Mexico City: The Ins & Outs of Getting Around
If you have never traveled to Mexico City before, acquiring around can be a bit overwhelming. There are many ways to travel within Mexico City, and the methods, rules and day-to-day acquiring from Point A to Point B could be frustrating. ...Full Article
Travel To Russia - Vladivostok, Russian Lord of the East
To many world-wide travelers seeking adventure, the Russian Far East is a very desirable place to visit, and of course if you are going to visit this region, you do not want to miss seeing the famous sea port, Vladivostok. Vladivostok, meani...Full Article
Japan's Greatest Lesson: Compulsory Flu Vaccine Reveals No Benefit and Deadly Side Effects
At the two day Medical conference entitled Should vaccinations be compulsory or costless choice? Doctors from various areas of the world were invited to present the situation in their country and also to highlight problems surrounding some of the v...Full Article

Lulu City
Lulu City John Cali When my son John was growing up, he, his mother Theresa, and I used to vacation in the northern Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Its a gorgeous area and, to this day, I have many warm memories of our time there. On one of our Color...Full Article
What you absolutely need to know about- new york city
New York City is unknown to none. One of the vibrant and significant metropolises on the globe, the city of New York is considered to be one of the most expensive cities in the world. The dream to vacation in New York seems to materialize only for th...Full Article
Pasadena California Antiquing
The city of Pasadena, California might be a relatively small city population under 150,000, however, due to its proximity to downtown Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Valley and the San Fernando Valley as well as its extremely popular Old Town shop...Full Article
Walking around Bologna
Bologna is designed in such a certain way that allows visitors and tourists to meet many of its main buildings, monuments, parks and attractive areas by walking to them due to the short distance which separates them from the citys center. This charac...Full Article
The city of Florence and its past
The city of Florence, or Florentia according to its Italian title , was founded in the first century B.C. by the Romans. This way, it has passed through a really nice amount of different periods and 35823;ques which have caused different influen...Full Article
Dijon - Burgundys capital
Dijon, the capital of the region of Burgundy, is a dazzling city full of interesting things to do and places to meet. This city usually takes several days for visitors to fully explore it and meet all its historically interesting spots, since its ori...Full Article





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